All About Me

While he has been a teacher for a total of eleven years now, Jules still regards himself as more of the student.  The reason is not at all profound nor philosophical.  In fact, the reason is simple: That is what he is — a student for the last thirty-three years of his life.  He is, by the way, as the subheading of this blog says, thirty-eight years old.

This is his professional blog and therefore contains, hopefully, the more serious and intellectual of his thoughts and views about his many concerns.  He has a multiply account where he is freer to express and post about his life; a facebook page where he keeps in touch with people and which therefore shows his most public persona; a blogger account where he tries to verbalize (without much success) his feelings about a topic he is very passionate about — that of being a Filipino; a twitter account which he rarely uses and therefore has just three followers; and a very private and secret blog where he does not care about conventions and restrictions.  He is quite ashamed to admit that he has a friendster account, which he has largely ignored, from the time he started using it until it was, in a way, reformatted or reinvented.

While he can arguably be considered proficient in English, he expresses himself more by writing, but not necessarily speaking, in Filipino.  Quite satisfied with the life he has so far lived, he does not anymore feel the need to prove himself in any arena and is therefore content with listening and letting other people speak in any way they want.

At this point in his life, some of his friends chides him about his being old, but aside from a noticeable further decrease in metabolism, he does not feel the downward pull of age.  Consequently, he does not feel the need to settle down, to decide on what to do with the rest of his life.  During the times that he is forced by circumstances to think about the future, he discerns about going back to the priestly formation and spending his life as a diocesan priest; looking for a lady who will make him laugh a lot at himself and about life yet not pester him about having children; or staying single forever, going back to the province, devoting himself to teaching part-time in college, doing research and publishing, while building and strengthening his mother’s legacy.

He wants to think that he growing old gracefully.


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