Heartfelt Presence: A Reflection

God’s Grandeur

Two annual events in Xavier School-San Juan have just been concluded yesterday, the ECA fair and the Mass of the Holy Spirit which is dubbed as the #RedMass. And looking back, I can’t help but be amazed at the vibrant electrifying energy that was quite palpable in both events (and the faculty summer sports fest last May, if i remember the emotions quite well).

There is something about the start of this new school year that reminds me of this poem of English Jesuit Gerard Manley Hopkins about the grandeur of God. Perhaps (or since I am a Catholic, I am certain!) it is indeed the presence of the Holy Spirit, Him who continually broods us with warm breast and covers us with such bright wings, always refreshing and inspiring us to aspire and do greater things, the things that are of above.

I am posting this now for me to remember this consolation as I, with my academic community, tread further into the year and maybe become forgetful and unfeeling because our feet are shod and our hearts smeared with our normal everyday toil.


About julesphilip
a teacher who is still in the process of discerning whether he'll stay in this way of life, answer a lifelong call to become a diocesan priest, or take on the responsibility of being a steward of his parents' legacy. may his experiences assist him in making a decision for the greater love for God.

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