A Jeepney Ride

Hurtling down
the street of Santolan
the jeepney flew
this traffic-less Sunday

I reached into my
many zippered bag
— for a pen in my hand
and a pad in another
can capture the
fleeting thoughts
barreling through
my brain

Unlike the
kaleidoscopic blur
passing before my eyes
like dour residue
as the jeepney
zoomed past such
Sunday-less views

19 February 2012
On my way to Galleria


About julesphilip
a teacher who is still in the process of discerning whether he'll stay in this way of life, answer a lifelong call to become a diocesan priest, or take on the responsibility of being a steward of his parents' legacy. may his experiences assist him in making a decision for the greater love for God.

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