El Filibusterismo – 1

Unit 1 – Grasps – 1Q – H4 – 1112

For chapters 1-10 of El Filibusterismo, my team chooses to have our students take on a Sherlock Holmes-like character.  They are Spaniards from Spain sent by the Cortez to investigate recent events in the Philippines, specifically, in a town called Tiani.

Unit 2 – PAASCU Grasps 11-19

For chapters 11-14 of the Fili, where the main focus is the efforts of the students to build an academy for learning the Spanish language, our students will imagine themselves as PAASCU historical researchers using the pertinent parts of the novel to paint a picture of and make recommendations for the educational setup of the university described in the novel.

About julesphilip
a teacher who is still in the process of discerning whether he'll stay in this way of life, answer a lifelong call to become a diocesan priest, or take on the responsibility of being a steward of his parents' legacy. may his experiences assist him in making a decision for the greater love for God.

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