Synopsis: Mga Dula ng H4 2011-2012


Panloob na pahina ng Playbill ng "Omega: Pagtatapos".

The H4 Team of the Filipino Department decided to provide our students and the judges with a synopsis of the six pieces. We hoped that this would guide them in understanding the plays (both the judges and the students) and in writing the play reviews (the students, not the judges).

I made this using the ordinary word program. To facilitate the writing of the synopsis, I first created a google docs and shared it with my co-teachers in the H4 team of the Filipino Department. They in turn asked their students to write a draft of their synopsis which they may submit written or computerized. They then transfer what the students wrote to the google docs. They also corrected the language and somehow improved the way the synopsis is written.

For my part, I edited the text so that they more or less reflect one another but I was careful not to touch the content and the voice behind the text. I also tried to improve the choice of word and reformatted some parts, e.g. italized, formed new paragraphs to raise the effectiveness of the synopsis.

I then copy pasted the text from google docs to a word document, change the formatting, set the orientation of the page and divided the texts into two columns.

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a teacher who is still in the process of discerning whether he'll stay in this way of life, answer a lifelong call to become a diocesan priest, or take on the responsibility of being a steward of his parents' legacy. may his experiences assist him in making a decision for the greater love for God.

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