Project Resource Website: Ibong Adarna: H1D and H1B 2010-11

Hit two birds with one stone.  There is no intended pun in that but that is essentially the H1 team’s reason for asking our students to make these “Adarna” websites.

The first bird: We want to assess our students’ mastery of the literary work.

The second bird: We want to address a certain need in Filipino Literature.

H1D and G, submit your websites by replying/commenting to this post.  Make sure you place a link to your webpage in your reply.


About julesphilip
a teacher who is still in the process of discerning whether he'll stay in this way of life, answer a lifelong call to become a diocesan priest, or take on the responsibility of being a steward of his parents' legacy. may his experiences assist him in making a decision for the greater love for God.

20 Responses to Project Resource Website: Ibong Adarna: H1D and H1B 2010-11

  1. iAdarna says:

    Ginoong Hernando, ito po ang aming resource website tungkol sa Ibong Adarna:


    Jarrell Lim, Donald Dy, Miguel Legarda, Wilrich Lim, Angelo Yang and Javi Ang

  3. H1G grupo nina Matthew Dy Juanco, Patrick Yao, Noel Wee, Eddrich Ang, Arvin Yu, Roi Lim

  4. adarnaboyz says:

    H1-G Grupo nila David Leoy, Jacob Ejercito, Wyeth So, Lance Osorio, Earl Fong at Maurice Lim.

  5. Ibong Adarna says:

    Mga Miyembro: Jaron Uy, Jeffrey Sultan, Luis Tan, Enrico Legaspi, Federico Pua, Alfonso Ramos

    • julesphilip says:

      isa sa pinakamalinis at pinakamalikhaing website. halos kumpleto na rin. may puna lamang sa pagsasayos dahil iba-iba ang layout ng mga bahagi. halimbawa, ang mga buod ng mga kabanata at mga tauhan. sana isaayos pa ito para maging ganap na huwaran ang proyektong ito.

  6. krebjj says:

    H!D grupo nina Kevin Go, Bryan Hsieh, Jallen Chuatoco, Jason Chua, Ryann Ng, Ethan Tan

  7. H1-D Grupo po ni Sean Cua, Justin Lim, John Co, Michael Chua, Joshua Chua, Mark Liao, Johan Yao

  8. donojuano says:

    H1D Martin Alabanza, Christian Aw Young, Edric Choi, Thomas Co, Nathaniel Ongchuan, Matthew Uy

  9. Ibong Adarna says:

    Mga Miyembro:
    Jameson Ho
    Anton Lapez
    David Ahyong
    Mario Ongkiko
    Nathan Dy
    Oliver Tan

  10. H1D Ibong Adarna

    Fitzroy Sy
    Miguel Macale
    Eldric Carreon
    Vincent Soliven
    Gonzalo Lee
    Matthew Tuazon

  11. John Co says:
    Sean Cua
    Joshua Chua
    John Co
    Mark Liao
    Justin Lim
    Johan Yao

    Kerwin Chan
    Grant Teng
    Alfonso Ocampo
    Clark Sanchez
    Ryan Lim
    Marco Vergara

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