How Does One Know the Will of God?

if you are engaged in the field he wills for you,
you don’t find the activities tiring.
You enjoy doing it that
you do not notice how time flies.

I suppose it is a feeling that you are in heaven
because you feel contented and fulfilled.
You don’t mind the hours
and the meager material benefits.

Streams of ideas cascade on your mind
on how to go about fulfilling the task
he has set for you.

You never run out of opportunities
to demonstrate the presence of God
and perform acts of love.

No one is above you and below you.

You find everyone a fellow traveler
who is sent on a mission by the LORD.

– James P. Hernando
2:21 am December 9, 2010.

note: My dad made this in response to my question above: “How does one know the will of God?”.  I am posting this because I want to share it with my contacts. I versified it but added nothing. It is quite mystical.


About julesphilip
a teacher who is still in the process of discerning whether he'll stay in this way of life, answer a lifelong call to become a diocesan priest, or take on the responsibility of being a steward of his parents' legacy. may his experiences assist him in making a decision for the greater love for God.

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